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Enthusiastic visitors coming to Tiered Democratic Governance (TDG) will be coming by referrals from their friends and colleagues exhorting this new form of democracy. These visitors will be visionary and looking for a world based on social justice. They will not be stuck on old ways to solve modern problems. If you want to make a mark on these kinds of thinkers, here's your chance.

TDG has three 200x80 ad spots at the bottom of each webpage. There are only 30 ads in the TDG ad pool. Placing one ad means about 14 exposures for online readers of the TDG.

Buying an ad on TDG has another implication for your product or service. It means that you too are looking beyond our status quo for democratic participation. Your support will be recognized by our dedicated readers.

Ads for TDG must be sized at 200x80 pixels in JPG, GIF, or PNG format.

All ads are sold in a one-year run. Discounts are applied for more than one ad. All prices in Canadian dollars.

Customer One Ad Two or More Ads
Corporate Rate C$200.00 C$150.00
Non-Profit Rate C$50.00 C$40.00

If you find these rates agreeable, go to Technical & Purchase Details to learn how to buy an ad space on TDG.

To see what ads are currently showing on TDG, go to"

To see how the ads are being displayed, go to Tiered Democratic Governance.

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